Marcos Serrano

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MY GRANDFATHER - Tribute to Noe Serrano

In the corridor of the Hospital, waiting for the doctors to leave the room, I asked myself again and again, in a ridiculous try of establishing a dialogue with myself, how should I call him now? I don’t know how to talk to him, how should my behaviour be in front of him…

He is my grandfather, well, his head is, but not his body, he has a dogs body…
But the most important part is the head, there is where the essence of a person is and this is why he recognizes me, he talks to me like nothing happens, he smiles when he sees me.
Although sometimes he shoots a bark or a little pant… It looks like the spinal cord of the host dogs my grandfather’s head tries to react by itself. But the doctors say that the implant will be finished soon and these small problems will wear off.

Anyway, it is not necessary to be worried by moral questions, this is a transitional period until we get a healthy human body where to implant my grandfather’s head but… how can I pay it? How can I get the money…?


Note: Inspired by the work of Noe Serrano.